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Identity Theft Protection

With the RapID Alert system you are promptly notified if your identity is being used to apply for a new credit card, bank account, wireless device, utility payment, mortgage, or car loan application. We monitor your credit files every day to look for key changes such as the opening of new accounts, credit inquiries, exceeding credit limit, or missed payments. Signing-up is quick and easy, and your protection begins immediately. We're hard at work, even when you're taking it easy. Make sure your identity is not being used by unauthorized individuals.
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Instant Tenant Screening

As a Landlord, Realtor®, or Property Manager you know the importance of screening Applicants. RentConnect's cutting-edge technology simplifies the process by providing a secure online platform for requesting and viewing an Applicants credit, criminal and eviction history. Our proprietary technology verifies each user and delivers best-in-class reports, providing the tools you need to select the best possible tenants. Oh yeah, did we mention it's completely FREE for Landlords, Realtors®, and Property Managers?
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Traditional Tenant Screening

FPN provides the most comprehensive set of Tenant Screening tools available in the industry. Our innovative, web-based system may be integrated into your property management software or configured separately to suite your organizations unique needs. Online applications, thorough background screenings, and best-in-class report turn-around times enable our clients to make informed leasing decisions quickly and cost effectively.
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Employment Screening

Your FPN advisor is trained to ask pertinent questions regarding your business and the types of positions you seek to fill. More importantly, they will listen carefully to your answers and make screening recommendations you both deem appropriate for your hiring situations. Orders can be placed though the FPN Portal, Batch Upload or through integration with the Applicant Tracking System you currently use.
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