Fraud Protection Network, Inc. (FPN) seeks to deliver Peace of Mind in an otherwise tumultuous world. Our products and services focus on alleviating the risk - and subsequent stress - associated with fraud, an ever present danger in our personal and professional lives.

FPN provides consumers and businesses in the United States with fraud protection services. FPN’s consumer protection service, RapID PRO™, provides proactive identity theft protection to its members through real-time alerts, award-winning customer service, and industry leading victim resolution assistance. Enterprise clients are provided state-of-the-art fraud/risk mitigation services as well as comprehensive screening and monitoring services.

Our always connected world provides unique challenges for consumers and businesses alike as we try to protect ourselves against fraud. Fortunately, the Fraud Protection Network is here to help.


Edward Margolin, CEO

Ed Margolin is the Founder and CEO of Fraud Protection Network, with nearly a decade of experience in fraud prevention, recovery and resolution. Ed originally founded the Fraud Protection Network to assist investors and consumers who had been victimized by fraud. It quickly became evident that the earlier a problem was detected the easier the resolution. To that end, Ed fostered strategic alliances and partnerships with industry leaders in consumer data, ultimately securing real-time access to industry leading fraud alert data and for the purpose of consumer protection. With access to world class data, Ed and a team software engineers, developers and industry experts set about creating the most comprehensive identity theft protection platform, RapID PRO™. Currently, RapID PRO™ delivers real-time fraud alerts to consumers nationwide. Ed continues to focus on the future, seeking to someday stop fraud before it begins.

Jesse Causey, CTO

As Fraud Protection Network’s CTO, Jesse Causey drives the technical direction of the company leading our technology teams, including engineering and development. Joining FPN at inception, Jesse was instrumental in the creation of RapID Pro™ as well as the organizations overall evolution. As the primary technology architect Jesse expertly balances the management of the information infrastructure while promoting the creation of innovative breakthroughs that provide technology advances for the company and its customers. Jesse’s primary focus has shifted to network security as the organization grows, but he continues to oversee the development of new features and services. Jesse holds numerous licenses and certificates relating to technology and information security.

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