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RapID PRO™ For You & Your Family

FPN worries on your behalf and RapID PRO™  provides you with a variety of features that drive you toward having the Peace of Mind you deserve.


With Rapid Pro™, you get a variety of features that protect your most personal Information. Learn More


Peace of mind, knowing that RapID PRO™ is constantly searching for potential threats to your identity. Learn More


Rapid Pro™ is constantly monitoring your identity and if we find something suspicious you will be notified via RapID Alert System. Learn More


If you do become a victim of Identity Theft, our RapID Resolution support team is always available and will help guide you through the process every step of the way. Learn More



Identity theft protection for your customers, members and employees.
Additional value and recurring revenue for your business.


RapID Affinity

Stronger Members Retention & Non Dues Revenue

Identity Theft protection is one of the most relevant 3rd – party products you can offer to members. Adding value and recurring revenue. Learn More

RapID Breach

Maintaining Integrity

RapID Resolution after a data breach so that you maintain your trust and integrity. A RapID PRO™ Resolution team manager works closely with you to restore public confidence, mitigate risk and avoid unnecessary costs protecting your Company Customers.Learn More

RapID Benefits

Protecting your Workforce

Help your employees stay productive, by protecting and safeguarding their credit and financial health.  Offering them industry leading identity theft protection benefits for employees.Learn More

RapID Financial

Safe Guarding Your Customers Finances

RapID Financial Services Identity theft protection for banks, credit unions, wealth management and accounting firms and their customers. They Trust you with their money now you can protect their financial future.Learn More

Why choose FPN

What is RapID Pro™ ?

Allow us to worry on your behalf. Get a variety of features that drive you toward having the peace of mind you deserve.

Who is Fraud Protection Network Inc. ?

Founded in 2012 Fraud Protection Network is a nationally trusted provider of Consumer Fraud Prevention Services and Credit Solutions.

What is Identity Theft?

Fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private identifying information, usually for a financial gain.

How to get protected!

Enroll today and RapID PRO™ will protect your identity right away giving you the peace of mind you deserve.