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Protecting against fraud since 2012

Ed Margolin, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ed Margolin is the founder of FPN and possesses nearly a decade of experience in fraud prevention, recovery, resolution, and fundraising. Ed's desire to help investors and consumers who had been victims of fraud helped drive the early beginnings of the business. Ed has been responsible for securing the capitalization and growth financing needs of the business as well as bringing in the key team members responsible for building the full suite of services.

Mr. Margolin has championed the effort to form strategic alliances and partnerships with industry leaders in consumer data, software and lending. Ultimately securing real-time access to industry-leading data. Fraud Protection Network is a technical and platform provider for Experian. We white label and license our software to customers nationwide. Ed also served on the Experian PAC Council.

Ryan Moore, Chief Operating Officer

As chief operating officer at Fraud Protection Network, Ryan Moore is responsible for the daily operations of the company. His experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven services and solutions to both the direct-to-consumer and business-to-business marketplaces, providing outstanding client service, and driving revenue growth.

Prior to joining Fraud Protection Network in 2014, Ryan served as the business development director of NuView IRA, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Drawing from his experience in banking (Regions/AmSouth Bank) and financial services (Pacific Life - Annuity and Mutual Funds), Ryan led NuView's Southeast Florida self-directed IRA education, strategic partnership, and sales initiatives. Additionally, Ryan was instrumental in pioneering NuView's push into the Institutional Services space with a focus on Investment Sponsors, Broker-Dealers, and Investment Advisors in additional to NuView's traditional clientele of Individual Investors.

Jesse Causey, Chief Technology Officer

Jesse Causey began working at Fraud Protection Network in its infancy in December of 2012 as the Fraud Protection Network's systems engineer before transitioning to chief technology officer (CTO) in December of 2017.

Prior to working at Fraud Protection Network, Jesse worked at Tiger Direct's main headquarters with the role of their web infrastructure for their website and data security for their customers.

Mr Causey has many Certificates and Education in Application Security, CSRF/XSRF, PCI-DSS for Developers, WAF, Secure Architecture, Secure coding for Java, CompTIA, CCNA, MS Security Deployments/Cloud, Data Encryption. Jesse is furthering his education as a (NSE) through Fortinet.

Over the years, Jesse has led many teams to implement security infrastructures in the computer industry. While working for Fraud Protection Network he helped develop Experian's PiPPA Program which is in use today.

Mr. Causey provides his in-depth experience in data security to the company's wide array of day to day operations.