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Property managers and tenants love this amenity.

Build and protect resident's credit

FPN's Resident-Link is a unique multi-family resident amenity comprised of innovative credit products and services designed to protect residents' identity and credit. Resident-Link combines rental history reporting and identity theft protection.

This powerful, synergistic combination results in a value-add amenity that residents need and want, while also generating significant revenue to the property management company.

  • The opportunity to build and establish credit by paying rent on time
  • The security of knowing your identity is being protected
  • Drives ancillary revenue back to the property management company
  • It's a win-win-win for everyone!
Protect your identity today.

Protection from fraud with near real-time monitoring

Members benefit from being promptly notified if their identity is being used to apply for new credit cards, bank accounts, mortgages, car loans, and more. We deliver email and SMS alerts to keep you aware when fraud is attempted, to prevent the negative effects from someone stealing your identity.

  • Protect against stolen identities and data-breaches
  • Provide customers with regular access to their credit reports
  • Advanced monitoring and alert system
  • Resolution team with service guarantee
Decision on-the-fly.

Prequalify applicants for mortgage offers, credit cards, or loans

Our proprietary decisioning engine uses a soft credit pull to match credit history with loan criteria, providing a reliable prequalification without impacting credit.

  • Simple software interface with advanced functionality
  • Does not negatively affect customer's credit report or credit score
  • Access to credit decisioning engine and full credit file
  • Supports heirarchy of accounts for companies, branches, and loan officers
Be informed when a customer is ready to buy.

Monitor leads for market activity

Our trigger system can monitor potential customers for changes in market activity. Be aware when your leads are shopping for a new home, or when their credit meets your criteria.

  • Monitor thousands or even millions of leads simultaneously
  • API access to manage leads and receive alerts
  • Contact potential customers before your competitors can

Retain clients.

Risk mitigation solutions

Applicant Watch - after the hard work of converting a lead to an Approved Applicant is done, there is still a risk the borrower may no longer qualify for the loan by the time the deal gets to the closing table. Applicant Watch notifies our clients when their current loan applicant's credit changes.

Risk & Retention - new risks and new opportunities exist in our client's current loan portfolios, and our customizable Risk & Retention programs scan for both. By monitoring our client's current borrowers we can quickly identify and notify them of important changes within their loan portfolio.

The perfect fit

customize everything

We work closely with businesses

We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. Whether you use one of our existing services, or if we build a custom solution, we strive to provide the absolute best.

Fraud Protection Network, Inc. has developed various software platforms spanning multiple industries. Many of our platforms have been shaped from client's requests, as we work closely with businesses to match their needs. Our development team works together with the credit bureaus and our legal department to ensure all of our software is compliant and secure.