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Our product delivers best-in-class identity monitoring with real-time alerts. Our people deliver world class service and expert guidance. Our Members enjoy Peace of Mind!

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We Take the Guess Work Out of Identity Theft Protection

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Our Members don't have to choose between various levels of protection, forced to decide between spending more or getting less. Every FPN Member is provided every monitoring feature available.

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With no confusing service levels to choose from, getting started is as simple as inputting your information, verifying your identity, and exploring your personal Member dashboard.

RapID Alert Notifications

Feel free to kick your shoes off and put your feet up. Our robust monitoring system is working 24/7 to ensure your good name is protected. When threats to your identity are discovered, we notify you immediately by text message and email.

Lost Wallet Protection

You'll never have to go at it alone as a member of Fraud Protection Network. If you are notified of activity that is fraudulent, rest assured that our expert RapID Resolution Specialists are standing by to help from initial alert to final resolution.

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